vSIM Device (Events)

SKU: vSIM Device (Events)

The Always ON Solis Lite Hotspot provides unbelievable hotspot coverage in a ‘hockey-puck’ sized device. Work, learn, collaborate and and connect virtually anywhere with fast and secure 4G LTE Wi-Fi connectivity.

  • Wireless
  • Pocket-sized
  • 16– hour battery life
  • Connect up to 10 devices
  • Automatically switch to the best carrier
  • 4700 mAh power bank
  • Embedded vSlM technology
  • Pre-charged
  • Ships ready-to-use

The Always ON Omega CPE Router is a multi-functional wireless 4G router for both home and office uses, connecting easily with physical SIM cards or Virtual SIM technology alike. With two external LTE antennas and four external Wi-Fi antennas, this router is able to connect to cellular data from long distances and broadcast a consistently fast and reliable internet connection.

  • 4G LTE (Cat 7 & Cat 13)
  • Dual band: 2.4GHz + 5GHz
  • Up to 1200 Mbps speed
  • Connect up to 32 devices
  • Wireless access point with both physical and virtual SlM
  • 5 ethernet ports
  • 4 Wi-Fi antennas
  • 2 LTE antennas

The Always ON SeaBreeze Marine Router is the rugged, waterproof solution that keeps you connected on land and sea, offering 20-30 mile tower range and seamless connectivity to major mobile networks, making every journey a connected adventure.

  • LTE Coverage from 20+ Miles offshore
  • vSIM connects to the carrier with the strongest signal
  • Connect up to 16 devices
  • Durable, Lightweight, Waterproof
  • PoE – Power over Ethernet



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Customer Reviews


"The X Hotspot is fantastic! I'm always on the go, and this device delivers reliable internet everywhere I travel. It automatically connects to the best signal, and I've had flawless connectivity in every location. Highly recommend for anyone who needs dependable mobile internet!"


"The X Router has been an amazing internet solution for my RV. It was easy to set up and has worked perfectly everywhere I've gone. The coverage is excellent, and I always have a stable, fast connection. Perfect for RV enthusiasts who need reliable internet on the road!"